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Crown Jewels have become a very special part of my life. Especially the ladies in Prairie Gems of The Hat. We laugh, play and share our sad times together too. What a wonderful support group we have. We are so blessed! Crown Jewels have become a very special part of my life. Especially the ladies in Prairie Gems of The Hat. We laugh, play and share our sad times together too. What a wonderful support group we have. We are so blessed!

What the crown jewels mean to me ,is comfort to know that i am not alone.there always a friendly ear. and a smile for me . in hard times and good time.we are all sisters.

Best cruise yet! What a great group of women. Awesome how we all get along and can support each other in times of need. Our Jewels are amazing. One came without luggage (lost by airline) and another came on cruise with a broken arm and foot! Three had recently lost a loved one. We were all there to support one another and have fun while doing so. We appreciate all you do for us and to make CJCS a reality. Looking forward to the next big event.

I really enjoyed the cruise and our cabin location, it was great to step out onto the balcony and see a friendly familiar face. Our Jewels are a amazing group and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Thank you for all your hard work and planning  that goes into making this a success. Very much appreciated!!!!

CJCS has brought us new friends from across the country. It also means I never get bored. There is so much to do and so much fun yet to be experienced. Already looking forward to next year in Calgary and of course, the cruise at the end of January. Thank you to Lynda for her vision of the Crown Jewels of Canada Society and to all the founding members who made this happen. I love all the wonderful events I have and will attend. I have grown from the friendships I've made and look forward to many more years of fun.

I do firmly believe that Crown Jewels of Canada has much improved the lives of many ladies all across Canada - I certainly know it has changed my life for the better!!

I am so glad that I joined CJCS. I had a very good week and busy out 5 times -----lunch, museum with pie and coffee, library,  Be Your Own Valentine (pampering, goodies and door prizes). Beats sitting home and going from TV chair to computer chair.... from a Diamond Lady in Camrose AB

I am really enjoying my involvement with CJCS, meeting  lovely ladies and especially working with Lynda - she is a fabulous and inspiring woman.

CJCS has cemented a sisterhood that I've never had before. My sisters of my chapter are like blood sisters for me....the sisters I have met throughout Canada the last 6 years can never be replaced....Forever grateful for the laughter, joy, experiences I would never have done alone, to share this all together with so many sisters country words can ever describe my emotions when I think what this has done for me personally. I have always said I was so shy and insecure, but life has changed since I started Red Hats and then continued onto CJCS which I think just brought this "Chatty Cathy" out in me. LOL Thank you Lynda for your dream, for letting me share in your dream and to make it happen.

Your words of welcome are much appreciated. Enjoying the company of old friends and the opportunity to meet new ones, combined with year round adventures is most exciting and I consider myself very fortunate to be invited to be  part of this special society.

Just wanted you to all know how much I personally appreciate the work you do.

What a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this great society to where it is today. To you our leader Lynda, a lady with a dream and the team you picked has made it all possible, thank you.  I am privileged to be associated with such great gals and the opportunity for all of us to "gel" with lasting friendships.

You do a good job, and thank you for taking care of us all in our many varied and often diverse personalities!!! 

You are doing such a wonderful thing, creating this organization for all these women, you are very inspiring.  Remember that the greater majority truly appreciate it and the minority who complain could probably not appreciate anything no matter how carefully you tried to tailor it exactly to their requirements.  That is the nature of some people.

CJCS means the world to me

Never having to be alone, always something to do with others

Great opportunity to have fun... be yourself... and meet new people. Oh yes, and play dress up!

Getting in touch with myself and exploring new things with others my age. It is a sisterhood where we can share and feel free to try things without being judged. It is my sanity and freedom that I allow myself every month.

As a widow I find that I am able to attend many activities such as concerts etc. with a group of friends that I wouldn’t attend on my own. And we are there for one another in good times and in bad times.

I am proud to be a member of the Jewels. I am very happy to be part of such a nice group of ladies. I enjoy our outings and meeting other Jewels, to me it is a wonderful society and I am so happy to have been invited into it. I do hope the Crown Jewels is proud to have me!

I met several wonderful friends and we kept in touch other than at Jewels events. Just what I needed in a new area

At a time in my life when I’m suddenly alone, it means friendship, caring, compassion, laughs, fun, sharing

It’s fun, it’s friendship with the girls, but it’s more than that; the caring and camaraderie shine through, along with adventurous spirit.

Wonderful group of caring and helpful friends with your best interest in mind, very social with wonderful outlook on growing old with grace and humour.

Meeting with fun loving gals, laughter, relaxation, a magical time

Sisterhood, friendship, camaraderie, fun, and good times among mature women both local and nationwide

A bunch of crazy old ladies who can dress up in gaudy clothes and rhinestones and not give a damn about who laughs at them.

An opportunity to have fun and friendship with women who have like interests. One group have members who joined us when they were in personal crisis. Over the years we provided a support system for each other and became close friends

I am a recent widow and don’t have a social life yet, except for the Jewels

Free to be me! Enjoy companionship, friendship and the chance to meet women from all across Canada. I am always excited when I learn that new Chapters are formed. And the support and caring that is offered by all members when one of us is in need of a little TLC

I  was alone and lonely after the loss of my husband. I sat at home day after day, alone and feeling sorry for myself. Until the day a friend "dragged" me to a CJCS event. What fun I had! I was laughing again and finally felt alive. Thank you. You truly saved my life.

High Tea with sister Jewels

High Tea with sister Jewels